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Frequently Asked questions

Tip a Player (TAP) exists to deliver financial support to Division I athletes, because we believe they’ve all earned it. All NCAA Division I athletes that TAP identifies as eligible will have a TAP page that can be activated by signing an easy, non-exclusive Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) agreement with the company. Athletes with active pages will receive distributions of TAP Payments made in their name, as well as a proportional share of TAP Payments directed to their team. If you’re an active Division I athlete who does not have a TAP page, email us at athletes (at) tipaplayer dot com.

If you or your team are not yet on the site, please email us at athletes (at) tipaplayer dot com.

TAP Payments are donations made to the company in the name of Division I athletes and teams.

Team TAPS represent TAP Payments made in the name of an entire team and are shared equally among athletes on the team who have activated their pages. Team TAPs are $5 each, and each Team TAP pushes a team closer to the top of the TAPBOARD.

Each month, athletes who have signed NIL agreements with us earn distribution of the TAP Payments made in their name, as well as their share of TAP Payments made in the name of their team. Team TAP Payments are split equally among all members of a team who have NIL agreements with TAP, so athletes who activate their page receive their share of their team’s monthly TAP Payments even if they don’t receive any individual TAP Payments that month. To receive these distributions, athletes with signed NIL agreements simply have to provide us with a video message each month that thanks and endorses TAP.

Athletes receive 90% of each TAP Payment made in their name, while sharing 10% of their individual TAP Payments with their teammates. The company does not take any portion of TAP Payments. Our costs are covered by fans, who are assessed a checkout fee when they give money in the name of a player or team.

When a player hasn’t activated their page, donations made in their name are considered provisional TAP Payments. If a player chooses not to activate their page after receiving notification from the company that a TAP Payment has been made in their name, these provisional TAP Payments may be converted to team TAP Payments.

Fans can take pride knowing that they did their part to financially support college athletes who are not compensated by their schools for performance. There is no material good or service provided from the company to fans who provide TAP Payments in the name of an athlete or team.

TAP Payments are non-refundable.

Unfortunately, because of current regulations, athletes who are not United States citizens, and athletes who attend a United States Service Academies, are not included on TAP at this time.

TAP exists to deliver compensation to athletes, not to connect them to additional sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to connect to a specific player, we encourage you to reach out to their respective athletic department, which likely has an NIL program to help players make direct connections.

For more information, visit the NCAA’s NIL page at likeness

Email athletes at tipaplayer dot com and we will send you a blank version of Tip a Player's NIL Agreement.

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